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    Greetings from Argentina!!

    Hola! new player here . I pre-ordered the game yesterday and hopefully will be installing it today. I'm eager to check all the features currently available, and to experience all the great stuff I've been reading during these last months.

    Nos vemos! / cya in-game!

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    Welcome to xsyon

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    Bienvenido gabbo.

    Nos vemos dentro =)

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    Hey Welcome to Xsyon

    Aqui tienes The Spanish Guide In case you get bored talking in English

    Ya hay unos cuantos castellano hablantes en el juego.


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    Welcome to Xsyon! Bienvenido!
    Aqui tienes otro Guide espaņol para lo que necesites!

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    Welcome to Xsyon

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    welcome to xyson

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