It seems to me that crafter's are going to have a metric shit ton of surplus crafting goods. The other day, I decided to see what it took to level my tailoring 1 point. I ended up needing to craft 29 items to gain one point (5 to 6). This wasn't just grinding one item, it was a combination of 12 items (including thread, straps, twine, etc). There were 21 finished goods. Also, there were lots of failures that also account for skill gain.

Now, I don't know if the progression on skill gain is linear or exponential, but for the sake of this discussion, I'll assume it's linear.

If I have to craft (on average) 20 finished items per point & do not use any level-up skill points, that means I will need to craft 1700 finished items to reach skill level 90. If the skill gain is exponential, that number could be MUCH higher even. Another factor that will likely raise this number of finished goods is that as skill increases, you'll have less failures & more finished goods per attempt.

And that's just for tailoring. Also figure in basketry, leather, & bone crafting and you'll be left with a STAGGERING volume of goods. I know there will be decay & thievery & supplying tribe-mates & whatnot that will require garments to be replaced (assuming there is only one tailor - yeah right). However, does anyone think they will go through THOUSANDS of clothing items even in the next few years?

So my question is this...what do you dedicated crafter's intend to do with all your surplus gear, especially the lower quality stuff?

Will you just destroy most of it? Will you attempt to sell it, and if so to whom (seeing as everyone can make everything)? Will you actually build yourself hundreds of grass bins to hold all your treasures?

Inquiring minds wanna know!