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    Exclamation War vs. Peace Poll!

    Mods/ Devs,

    Please create a poll so we can all vote on where we are going!!!

    Go to the official 2 sever thread for discussion, This is a petition for mods to create a poll for our vieweing.

    We all want to see where the population will be. Lots of problems just came out of the 2 sever plan

    /Sign if yall agree!

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    Both...why do I have to choose one or the other

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowley23 View Post
    Both...why do I have to choose one or the other
    So now players can have their main character and on the other server (probably the peace server) can create their griefing alt just to piss people off...

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    keep banter in the official 2 server thread. just /agree for a poll so we can see where the pop is going!

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    An official forum poll please.

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    If the last official poll about removing safe zones is any measure... 75% of the pop will be on Peace and 25% of the pop will be on war..... We need a poll!

    Is there a way to make my own poll?

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    There's nothign official about forum polls

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    Polls were removed due to griefing. Of course I responded by bumping all the polls to the front page but sadly lost the battle

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