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Thread: Eidolon Empire

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    Eidolon Empire

    Eidolon Empire - Evil
    Vae Victis! ("Woe to the conquered")

    Eidolon Forum Group
    Player Base: US
    Server: War

    Greetings and well met. We are Eidola, and as for now, declaring our official presence in Xsyon. We are a US PST based hardcore end-game PvE & PvP Evil tribe with the desire for Conquest. Through experience we've learned that it's not about the loot you equip, the character that you play, or the game you subscribe to. Those things are finite, and subject to change. Eidola will be about camaraderie and communty that we'll enjoy as we rise up to the top.

    We are an adult only tribe that is rigidly structure and meticulously organized on the battlefield; Using the time-tested principles of communication, discipline, and loyalty to improvise, adapt and overcome those that oppose us. If you're looking to become a part of a team that plays aggressively and understands the importance of fraternity, then welcome home. Escorts have been assigned to guide new recruits on their journey to our location.

    What will your place in the tribe be?
    The choice is yours. The Empire respects and values ALL our members voices. Leadership positions are available to those deemed worthy.

    1. Secure routes and fortify our position.
    2. Secure a strong player-base.
    3. Build our Empire.
    4. Explore.
    5. Hunt.

    1. Be an active member of our community.
    2. Act in a Mature & Fashionable manner.
    3. Have vent and be willing to use it.

    Consul(Chief Magistrate)
    Equites(Senior Member, Knight)
    Immunes(Full Member, Specialist)
    Auxilia(Trial Member)

    Message (/w) Deva, Seige, Smittan, or Rek in game for more information.

    Mascot The Armadillo Lizard

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    Victis Honor is now Eidolon Empire.

    Vae Victis!

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    Mazrim, Cav, and Grissell please shoot me a pm when you're on to setup invites.

    Also we will try and schedule a meeting prior to servers up on Launch day.

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    We should set that to be Sunday(tomorrow) or Monday.

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    Mature community, fun to talk to!
    Looking forward to the D-Day. See you all then!

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    We're currently sitting at 11 members.

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    Hey guys, can't seem to /w anyone at this point in game... will be around as much as possible tonight....plz /w mazrim or cavalis


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    Quote Originally Posted by MazrimX View Post
    Hey guys, can't seem to /w anyone at this point in game... will be around as much as possible tonight....plz /w mazrim or cavalis

    Thanks Mazrim, was on most of night after I got back from class's perhaps I missed you.
    If you've msn or ventrilo you can catch me there. I'll add my msn to the ventrilo info page within the group.

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    Tribe meeting; March 18th @ 5:00 PM -PST; in Ventrilo.

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    Hey guys, Cavalis checkin in.

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