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    What convinced you to buy? Especially Wurm players

    I'm an old Wurm Online fan and played the game on and off since beta and I kind of wanted to find out what convinced those of you that bought the game to make the purchase?

    I am a little hesitant, mostly due to the steep price tag (for a semi finished product in my opinion) and the fact that compared to Wurm there really isnt that much to do...

    Wurm has no purchase price and costs 1/3 of Xsyon in terms of subscriptions as well. It has approx 20x more craftable items than Xsyon and has been polished over the years to almost perfection.

    So if you did play Wurm or any other similar game like A Tale in the Desert or Haven and Hearth, what convinced you to buy this?

    Also, I am a little worried that due to the lack of content at the moment, after the two free months expire, I'll have absolutely nothing left to do, except for maybe weave baskets and run around in grass armor. Since this is an indie product (similar to Wurm), I'm assuming it will be years before the game is anywhere close to wurm/h&h/atitd

    So should one pre-order or buy game upon the release date or just wait a couple of years when things are much better, there probably is a trial version and the price might even be much lower than now?

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    Well Looks better then Wurm and is definitely not such a big grind hihi.
    There is risk in this title, how fast can they enable the skills that are not enabled yet. how fast will they allow us to build bigger and better.

    The price is ..OK. it ain't cheap but whit the two months it makes up a lot. Personally I got the game out of pure faith and support. anyone who is trying to create a world like this deserves a chance in my books. even if it would "fail" in the end I would not consider it a loss, Quite sure that for at least two months im going to have a blast in the game and thats enough for me to get the 39,99- back.

    Its a crazy addicting game, Much like players experienced in games like UO and SWG when they came out, it just hooks you.. Once the Live servers are up and things are more permanent social interaction will come more in play only increasing the value of the product for me.

    I also like it that this game is not purely sci-fi or fantasy but both whit some steam-punk add in the mix.
    No Global chat..Yay,small local chat ranges (I hope they stick to it)

    In the end it comes down to what value the money has to you, for me its always a big thing to buy something like a game (im poor *sniff*) and still did it. what your reasoning is (mine being faith in the genre, someone gota succeed someday..)
    And hopping in now is a adv on its own, learning time till live starts and a chance to claim some land in your preferred spots.

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