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    Xsyon PvP Impressions *Video*

    Hope you enjoy. All in good fun.

    Ripper X

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    lol... since no one has said anything I'll give 2 thumbs up.

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    That's was very entertaining. Good music too

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    Its always good to have ripper around if its about movies

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    Great video but unfortunately not accurate... very entertaining though

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    You gotta admit its good entertainment. Anything to promote the game before release. :P

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    Really liked it man, commentary made me laugh...haha

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    {MOD EDIT}

    Enjoyed the video. I believe it's the first one on YouTube that actually showcases combat in a positive light (the other ones play out like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.) While the mechanics leave a lot to be desired, the potential for tactics is made very evident. I particularly enjoyed the ambush. Hopefully that water looting bug is ironed out.

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    Seeing this video is what convinced me to preorder. I have enough faith in this game's future that i'm gonna stick with it for at least a good while... or at least until a certain expansion for a certain game blows me away.

    Very much hoping they fix that water looting bug, and very much excited to see how archery combat is in this game.

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    Please, tehreaver, regale us with riveting tales of high adventure. It is with bated breath that I await your stunning exploits.

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