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    Unhappy I don't get it,someone help

    First let me saw am not new to only games, i have been around from the start back on UO and up i try get new one i find out about, and saw when i heard about Xsyon i jumped to pre-order it, sounded great, but am not getting it would someone pls help so far soon as i got on i could find anything to do other then pick up sticks or grass, i don't want to do yard work when am siting at the computer, i couldnt craft anything cuase i had no tools on top of that 4 min into running around picking up sticks i was killed, so what am i doing wrong am i starting in the wrong place or something how do i get tools if i can't even make them out of just grass and sticks or did i just waste my money?

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    Hello Finwick,

    I would highly suggest joining a tribe, they can show you the ropes and it makes it far more fun. We have a ton of tribes in the tribe recruitment area.

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    in a sandbox there is only sand to play with.....if you don't do anything with the sand it just sits there being sand....

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