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    Who follows Rugby

    Anyone here Followed the six nations?

    Following ?The rugby world cup?

    In fact follow any rugby?

    Me , I follow Wales , Crap six nations , Although we beat italy today!

    And France are the victors.. Again


    I was there! Millenium stadium cardiff!

    Cymru Am Beth!

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    Re:Who follows Rugby

    I did...

    Until The All Blacks (New Zealand) decided to lose to France in the quarter finals of The World Cup a few years back.

    It's our main sport here, and the women's netball.

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    Re:Who follows Rugby

    my city has two teams but oddly I follow neither. I'm not much of a sporty person
    Brum, brum.

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    Re:Who follows Rugby

    im a big rugby fan,superleuge ftw...cmon you hull fc lol=p

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    Re:Who follows Rugby


    Until they make this game I'll probably just follow MMA and other 1v1 fighting sports.

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    Re:Who follows Rugby

    I've always wanted to get into rugby, but it's rarely on television in my hemisphere.

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