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    Official Update on Servers Thread

    Hello Everyone, this is the official Thread to post you're comments on the new update by Xsyon, in regards to the Server update.

    All other posts related to this topic that do not get posted here, will be moderated.

    Thank you.

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    Not much to say but thank you!

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    Well, I'm glad Jooky decided to think outside the box to fix the animal/homestead issue & keep us all together.

    I just wish he had chosen to keep the rule set for WAR rather than PEACE. As it stands, the concept of WAR is gone & we're all left playing on a huge PEACE server.

    I'm fine with this under one condition. There need to be some major benefits to declaring as a warring tribe. It should not just be for shits & giggles. There should be some big juicy carrot to tempt the crafter tribes to declare for war. I'm thinking rare resources only available to tribes that declare for war, or something along those lines. No tribe should be able to have full access to everything without some element of risk involved.

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    I think over all he has pleased everyone.. I will have to wait and see how or if my homestead being surrounded will effect me.

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    It's starting to become hard to follow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroom View Post
    Not much to say but thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tandarie View Post
    - Homesteads will not be able to be placed within a tribe’s maximum radius.
    - Tribes will check placement using a middle radius distance from homesteads. This will allow tribes to expand, potentially enclosing homesteads in the way. Homesteads will have priority over their zones. Tribes will have to negotiate with the homestead if they want it removed.

    Negotiate lol... So lemme get this right. I put up a homestead and build on it for a month. A tribe decides they like the area I am in and places their totem down, they expand and I am completely surrounded by a potential PVP tribe and they are supposed to negotiate with me until I leave? And I pretty much have to because I have no way to leave my land and defend myself because I'm on thiers? AND I get less land.. Awesome.

    I'll be honest at this point I just want to play the game for keeps already.. but this is so disappointing.
    I know, it's so unrealistic that larger entities expand & engulf smaller entities!!! It's not like big companies buy out smaller competitors. It's not like countries have ever tried to expand their borders & taken control of smaller countries in their expansion path. This is lame because there is absolutely no basis for it in the whole of human history.

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    well done and thank you

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    An outstanding decision by jooky. I don't belive there is anything left to complain about as it is not going to be a peace or war server but somthing in the middle.

    Remember that tribes traveling out of their area are still fair game which still fits perfectly.

    As for after prelude i can happily wait and see before making any more suggestions or complaints.

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    baka, why can't you just let solo players and those who don't want to be involved in Tribal warfare enjoy the game? There is no basis in human history because this is a game. I think the whiners forget this. Yes it is supposed to simulate the Apocalypse, but its still just a game. Jooky is trying to make the game fun for both non-PvP and PvP alike, and all you whiners do is shit on him. It is disgusting.

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