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    The Redcoats --- Small UK Based Tribe

    -= The Redcoats =-
    Website Url:

    Hello fellow survivor,

    My name is Atreyu, and I am here representing The Redcoats. We are a small UK based tribe, currently consisting of just six members. We want to expand to no more than ten members; this way we can work together as a tight-knit group and retain a feeling of being important and not just making up numbers. If we feel the need to, expansion can always be discussed in the future. For now, we are only recruiting UK members.


    The Redcoats are a neutral tribe, with no specific future goals. We will dabble in all areas of the game, but initially shall focus on crafting and building up our settlement.


    The Redcoats will go on weekly events such as scouting missions, races, building projects, hunts, etc. Participation in these events is not a requirement, however it is advisable to take part in all that you are available for, because what is the point in joining a tribe if you're not going to participate in tribal activities?


    The Redcoats are a casual tribe, not expecting every member to be a hardcore gamer, however the more time you have available to spend amongst your fellow members, the better. Also, roleplay is not a requirement. Maturity is preferable, however, we are all young at heart


    All members must own a microphone and ventrillo, to allow easier and more organised comunication between fellow tribesmen. We have our own server and details can be sent via private message. Also, registration on the website nearly created website:


    I hope this covers everything, if you are interested in joining, feel free to post here or send me a private message (on the forums), and I will send you the ventrillo server details. If the tribe starts to grow, I shall revise the layout for this thread, and maybe work on lore/ranks etc.


    Before I finish, may I leave you with a nice quote I found that I feel sums up The Redcoats;

    "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
    Harold McAlindon

    I look forward to seeing you all in-game.

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    Reserved for future use.

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    I like your tribe name
    Goodluck !

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    Thankyou muchly Good luck to you too!

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    Welcome to our two newest members, Rybo and Probein!

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    The Redcoats will be starting out as a BAND. We have our spot picked and are now awaiting 5pm (GMT) for stage two!

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