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    The Best of Both World

    I have thought long and hard about this and I think I found the best Solution.

    1. The Only Safe Zone should be Tribal Land. This will keep the the crafter happy and the pvprs happy.

    2. Tribes can declare war on one another which takes the tribal lands out of safety only for the warring tribes NOT everyone. Anything and anyone inside the tribal area at war will be fair game resources, people, towns etc.

    3. Tribal war will have a timer so that for example after 48 hours the war ends, and the one with the most kills, most damage, most destruction etc is declared the winner.

    4. The winner can lay claim to any resources from the tribe they beat. The only way to get that resource back is to go to war again. A timer starts again to when war will start it should not be less then 1 week to go to war again with the same tribe. Also a war time should be set to no less the 3 days for the war to start. That will give enough time for both tribes to get ready to go to war.

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    uhm.. this sounds a lot like what Prelude is going to be anyway.
    Except Prelude rules are actually better and PvPers hate them anyway.

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    How are they better?

    I'm trying to find a command ground for both crafter's and pvprs ...Most people do not want to play a totally crafter's game or a total pvp game.. and this suggestion offers something pretty even for both. I think what I have outlined is the best of both world.. If someone feels something can be added to improve this please add i would love to hear it thanks :-)

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