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    Question Short vs Tall - 2H vs 1H whats better and why?

    Just curious what everyone's opinion is on combat mechanics involving tall vs short people and 1handers vs 2 hander weapons.

    I have heard that the theory is taller people have a longer reach, while short people have a smaller hitbox.

    As it stands now, it would appear to me the ability to have 2 weapons going means you have twice the chance to hit - and for me actually hitting the target is the challenge in pvp. But perhaps having a polearm or some 2 handed weapon would be better due to its reach?

    What say you?

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    I have been punched by big people when they appear to have been about 10 foot away from me so perhaps big does mean bigger reach. My experiences with the PvP so far tell me not to bother focusing on it and if I want pvp to go play an actual pvp game. They might improve the system but atm it seems a little borked.

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    there is no difference in the reach of a giant toon and a tiny toon. at least as of testing 2 weeks ago.

    do we ahve 2h weapons to test? i didnt think they were in.

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    i got an idea how about u FIND one other person and talk to them and the 2 of u test this stuff out??!!?? hard i know huuu.

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    I have seen baseball bats - apparently for weapon-crafting tho, and some long sticks that I assumed were 2handed. (looked aztec) But haven't found anyone yet that has 2 handed or polearm (apparently not implemented) to spar with - nonetheless with all the veteran beta gamers on these forums I figured someone would have tested this, as well as 2handers and perhaps polearms from earlier beta?

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