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    suggestion for tribe distances and others

    400m seems a little much when it comes to distances, land for larger tribes is sparse already can't you make this like 350 or something, it needs to be reduced.

    I also touch on my last suggestions if they got lost in the mix

    1. To many fires, reduce the number of fire rings to a cetain number of meters, passed a homestead today, one guy 11 fires. Not needed. so example 2 fires per 20m or something like that.
    2. Trees environment doesn't need to be as active as it is, 4,000 swaying trees probably takes up a lot of memory. Reduce enviornmental stuff falling raindrops ect... can bring this stuff back once lag gets under control
    3. reduce gathering time on sand
    4. Increase gains from drinking water, or make water last longer.

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    200m radius is perfect.

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    yeah I was gonna change to probably 280 or less, tribes don't need that much land, the avg tribe is probably 10-20 members

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    I don't think they should put any restriction on the density of fires. I have seen some neat terraformed projects by players that have a few fires quite near each other. Just because some people will be tacky (11 fires for one guy is a good example) isn't a good reason to take away everyone's freedom. It's the freedom to express your own imagination (ex. building fires where you want) that has brought so many people here.

    Also, fires don't currently consume firewood. There will be WAY less of them once that feature is turned on. I doubt that single homesteader will be able to feed his 11 fires for long.

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    Yeah prime I guess that is true, yeah I don't want to limit the number of fires to be a dick, it was more or less to help alleviate some lag if it would help, yes fires look good if done right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer0901 View Post
    5. ability to split stacks
    Shift click works I believe.

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    Oh I don't think you were being a dick.

    I was just pointing out that once the fires consume wood it might not be a problem at all.

    I see that you added stack-splitting as a suggestion. That was already implemented.

    Update Archive- Feb. 9

    Shift-Click to split a stack according to the link above. I think I remember doing that ingame since then, so unless they rolled back something it should still work.

    Edit: took me a while to dig up that link and I got scooped

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    yeah we tried long before that, and I did read that update as well, must have missed that part, ty for the heads up.

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    Our tribe has 38 people what you mean tribe space to big for our tribe it should be fine any smaller would be wrong. We havnt finished growing yet either this is just beta recruiting.

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    We will be having a tribe well over 30 as well and I've travelled the damn continent many times over and there is a crap ton of unused space that will go wasted by a 400m plots and I'm willing to lose a little land which other than trying to make something loook good at this point with no real housing that works. There are very few nice flat spots or open spots without huge rocks or rivers intersecting them for the larger tribes to get a somewhat decent totem place. I'd like to give an example of the spot we have choosen but it will take to long to write, lets just say 4 large tribes could fit in it, but because of the way the 400m system works only 1 tribe will be getting it and it's functionality and the rest of the space will go wasted. So who wins here absolutely no one.

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