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    Greetings from NorCal!

    How's everyone doing!!??

    It must be destiny or something, because I've been an MMO gamer since I was 12 (8 years ago) and ever since I was that age, I was DYING to find a sandbox MMO where NOTHING existed except NATURAL RESOURCES and a NATURAL EARTH and players had complete control over what happened in the world.

    Kind of like the first humans on earth got to build the first civilizations. I would love to live in those times and this game is the closest thing to it.

    I GUARANTEE I will be a long time player of this game (absent of any major development errors, but the core of this game is sandbox and entirely player driven, which is why i believe it will be a HUGEEEEE hit over time as younger MMO players mature and start seeking something much better than a theme park MMO.

    Anyways, the game will be installed any minute now!!

    Also, I am seeking a large tribe to be a crafter for (preferably 20+ members in the tribe). Please let me know if you are interested! I promise you I will be extremely loyal and devote a lot of my free real life time to the tribe (aka, my fun time, because this game is so damn fun, haven't played but seen many many videos that make me want to jump out of my skin).

    Xyson is truly a special game and I am EXTREMELY grateful to be able to around for the headstart launch, let alone the official launch.

    In a sandbox MMO, getting in EARLY is very very very important.

    Like I said, destiny! Maybe I am taking this too far...but I haven't played an MMO in over a year because all of them are boring. All I know is I haven't been this excited for a video game in years...

    Looking for a tribe to be a dedicated craftsman for!! Let me know! Thanks

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    That's great Nor!

    Welcome to Xsyon and Enjoy!

    Jump to Tribe nations threads ..hehe

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    Welcome to the game. I agree that this thing has a lot of potential and you might as well get in the mix early.

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    Welcome to the community

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