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    Natural Disasters - Dynamic Events

    Is this something that has been discussed before? If not i'd love to voice it.

    Maybe have it season based? And have the seasons fluctuate a lil bit maybe so its not on set dates, maybe one year the winter is extremely long and the next its very short.

    Rivers that flood settlement areas, crops that get destroyed by a extremly dry summer?
    Lavines during the winter? Heavy storms? Lightnings?

    Earthquakes? Volcanos? Solar Eclipse?

    Im just going nuts here, Dynamic events = win

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    This would be great yes. Might be something that could be looked at in the future.

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    I already saw a dev post somewhere talking about weather events such as alot of rain can cause flooding, uhh, can't remember anything else of the top of my head, but if you take a look around you might find it. (possibly in the official suggestions list)

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