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    Their crafting, the whole building thing and resource gathering remembers me very much of some parts/systems of Ultima Online. Something we have not seen in a while.

    The whole idea of players able to change the world, gather everything you can see, also hints me back to Minecraft, which has been a fiber lately. Xsyon looks, for me, like a scaled up Minecraft, which is also good.

    So, yes. I think it is good we see something like that showing up again. Might wake up some developers.

    But i do also agree with a few others here. I think their pricing is wrong. They are pricing their game, like if it was an AAA title, which is not. I would be testing if they adjusted their pricing. Get it to 30 + 9,99 monthly or free download + 9,99 and a lot of people might reconsider it.
    I read this post on and personally this is also how I feel about the game. I don't really want to pay 15$/mo for this game yet but I would be willing to pay a lower per/mo price or something just to give it a go. So I guess my question is will there be any chance that the pricing will be re-considered?

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    hello mahoneyl.

    No, the pricing will stay as is. There will, however, be a trial a few months down the road...maybe sooner.

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    if you're hesitant I will advise you to wait until the trial. this dev team is throwing curveballs daily and, at this point in the development that is not a good thing!

    one day its 2 servers, the next its 1, the next there's no combat because it will reduce lag, the next there are giraffes running around the junk piles.

    comon man, this game is supposed to be live in little over a week, get your shit right!

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    Or move to europe, so you will have the euro and pay less according to your logic.

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    More than likely, if they follow the normal Mmo tradition, they'll probably offer some discounted rate if you pay ahead 3,6,12 months. Lotro offers you 9.99/mo if you pay at least 3 months at once.

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