What would you like to see in Xsyon?

Well hopefully there is horses at the least and hope that the implement an animal stamina bar so that way you actually have to rest your mount/feed it and water it. Mind you when I say this, dont have it take health damage but a tired horse just goes slower etc. I for one would like to keep it at this other than developing machines that run on steam to go from A <---> B . If other mounts that would otherwise be impossible to ride IRL (but this is a game after all), then there should be the American Cave Lion as a tameable creature and eventually mount. Dont get me wrong, this creature really existed and actually roamed the Tahoe lake area in prehistoric times (skeletons found in the Tar Pits of LA).

For machinery, I mean granted its the end of the world but I would still think to some extent that there will be vehicles that survived the event and that petro/gas/diesel can be found in junk piles. Though there needs to be a system in place so that these machines are the next "big thing" like the BTR was in Darkfall and resulted in hardly any of the other mounts be used. The speed factor of the vehicle should be based upon the quality of parts that was used to make it and the quality of fuel used in it. Though these things will be incrediably rare and when they finally run out of fuel/break down dont just have them go "poof" let the wreck be salvageble. Finding a gas station would be one of the rare resources in the game or capturing a fuel refinery being even more rare and only found in warring zones.

Steam Power/Water power/ etc. Hopefully these come about sometime in the future, I would personally like to see tribes put out the cost of building/using existing rail systems and using them to move resources over long distances. It would work now since I doubt the play area as it is (not the mist) doesnt have rail IRL running through it so it can be a feature easily added to the game, heck even when the train was FIRST invented it didnt run on rail, it was a steam powered wagon! Then again its post modern era so finding old locomotives and getting them running would be a nice addition but if so they will HAVE to follow the river since they would need water every 40 miles or so. (Look at the mid USA, thats why theres so many little towns in the middle of no where exactly 40 miles apart from one another, they were refueling stations for steam trains back in the frontier days.)

Vehicles/Trains/Wagons shouldnt be a summoned item, once you build it (like buildings for instance) its a permanent feature until reclaimed but....the item can be locked to prevent instant theft unless being raided (this would also cause people to hide such items from other clans) Mounts like horses etc, I can understand them being a summonable item in game, I would personally be pissed off if I left my pony in the stable overnight and logged back in to see Farmer Joe molesting it and riding it off somewhere only to have it killed but make them so they cant be stolen after summoning.

Pets...... everyone wants pets! That way they can be lazy slobs and just have their pet attack you while they sit back and stuff a donut in their face. To prevent potential "PvT Piles" from happening and doing this, the pets should be feral to some extent. You dont feed your pet and if its a bear, I think it should just plain out attack your ass and eat you. Same for dogs depending on the species if there is a variety. This way if the wolf humpers want a wolf, they can tame one/ raise it but if you dont take care of it, I would sleep with a gun by your side at night so your not it next meal. Pets should also be somewhat easy to kill but also if left unchecked can do considerable damage to the unwary.

Flying creatures...no not as mounts but something to hunt in game..... Epic flying creatures would be a tasty addition, I would personally like to see dragons return since the game after all, mentions "Gods" returning to power so why not? Though not having these things be something that just wipes out an entire tribe but make them hard to an extent to kill but possibly soloable (for the whelps and juveniles) and the adults/ancient ones taking a tribe to hunt it down. If the dragon kills you, it should take 1 item and put it into a hoard. This will give incentive to raiding harder creatures territorial grounds but I think this was pretty much covered in the prelude features of whats to come.

Taming epic creatures? I think both yay and nay on this one. Nay being that everyone will want to do it, the yay being it would be awesome. If such a feature is implemented have some limits on it. Certain creatures when they age to a point they just become wild, thats nature (foxes are a great example). Have it be a rare thing but when you get the chance, go for it. Nothing would give me more pleasure to see a creature I caught as a hatchling/cub become grown and turn wild and rape everything around it until its killed (to prevent farming the creature, you cant kill it and skin/collect from it until its turned 100% feral but have it run away before you can do that.