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    Question Xsyon: Launch Clarification Please

    I just realized that in the 'launch' thread there is the assumption as to the rule set we will be starting in.

    After reading the march 4th and 5th updates a couple times:
    - I saw the justification for the server split
    - I saw the start-up rule set difference for War & Peace
    - I saw the justification and rationale for back tracking on the server split.
    - I did not see a revised explanation for how start-up would go.

    The presumption is that start-up will be along the lines of the 'Peace' server explanation.

    Is this correct?

    Is there addtional start-up tweaking that will occur now that it's a recombinant land rush again?

    Explanation would be wonderful to stop the drama...or at least direct the drama in the correct direction. Debate is great, but it helps to be debating facts and not supposition.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasdemi View Post
    Thanks. do you have more information than the rest of us?

    please post.

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    My thread was certainly presumptuous that there have been no changes since Jordi's last comments on this issue. However, a clarification from him would be super.

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    the staged rush is still the plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtus View Post
    the staged rush is still the plan.
    I just sent you a PM response, as well.

    Will combat still be disabled for the first two stages?

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    yes, it will be exactly the same

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    thanks for the definitive response.

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    Virtus: One question.. or rather a concern that occurred to me.. Will you also disable mobs while combat is disabled? Since we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves heh

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    time to work on your running skill. or the get out of the bear belly skill

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