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    Cool Sugar Pine Sugarpine Community Voice Server

    Is it Sugar Pine or Sugarpine? lol in character creation you join Sugarpine, in game its stated Sugarpine...


    We have setup a Sugarpine community chat server (TeamSpeak 3)
    You can download the TS3 Client free at

    The current plan is the following...
    There is a general lobby to chat with your neighbors and visitors...
    Residents can have their own private area, so spies and griefers can't snoop who's where
    because they won't see you when you don't want to be seen. Visitors can come chat, but won't get access to all areas...

    As for other special areas, Tribe sections? Good / Neutral / Evil Sections?
    We shall see what we need...

    When you want to easily communicate in game with your neighbors, come join the Sugar Pine TS3

    Port: 4111

    Resident access must be in a homestead or tribe located in Sugarpine and verified by moderators. Respect will be required, please be courteous and nice.. Access is a benefit, not a right, annoying people will be removed. Hackers and harassment will be reported to your ISP and proper authorities.

    No password for now, this will most certainly change :-D

    Regards, Cackle
    Happy Xsyoning!

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    i would love to join but.. you use TS3, which i hate beyond all reason after being forced to use it by my darkfall clan. why not use vent like everyone else?

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    Thanks Cackle!

    Smokey- everyone seems to have this kind of opinion about either TS or vent...
    i'm really not sure why it is so polarizing since they both work fine for me; I use both.
    I personally find TS3 to be much more intuitive and simple to set up/use but that's just me.

    Only thing I have ever really hated was Mumble, haha.

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