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    ill start by saying that i havent played the game yet, im still waiting
    but ive seen and heard about the combat system werent very good at the moment.
    ive also heard that the devs would make some kind of re-edit of that so i thought:
    why not make a combat system like the one featured in the Mount and Blade series, if you dont know what im talking about, check it out! its seriously the best combat system ever made for a game and ive always wanted a mmo to have such a combat system,

    The combat system im talking about is where you manually aim, manually block, manually choose wich kind of attack you want to do by simply moving the mouse while clicking the attack button it makes for the best duels and of course large scale battles i have ever experienced in a game,

    We would have the most awsome combat of all MMO's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon, The Lead Dev
    Our plan is to examine Mount and Blade and other combat oriented games and redesign the system. This will happen during the Prelude.

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