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    Anyone working on improving performance?

    I know a new dev was hired to work on combat changes, but is anyone working on improving performance? This might not seems particularly important now, but it is and a lot as new players that try Xsyon will stay or not based on how the game runs and looks (the look is fine in my opinion, but not performance). Since some time ago, my performance went down a lot while playing the game. I am getting now around 10-25 FPS when I am in a crowded area or with trees around (sometimes it feels like the game has veeery low performance when I am there), and while in the water or mountains with no trees I get much better (40-70 fps), all this with anysotropic on, default distance meters, and shadows on and on high setting. My rig is fairly good, gtx 285 1gb ram graphic card, intel core i5 2,66 ghz and 4 gb ram ddr3. Jooky knows all this as I tried to help in some test with performance before, but I would like to know if others also have some performance issues or think the game should be improved in this aspect soon.

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    performance could always use improving, its never ending really. So I'm sure the dev team is working on it and we'll see improvements when we see them. I receive the same performance but not with as good equipment as you have, so for the majority of people I'm sure its not a major problem. Just need to make sure Jooky is aware of it and let him take care of it.

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    I'm pretty sure after release and a few of the more important features are in they will be working on tweaking and fixing stuff.

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