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    Old Age and Heirs

    so I was looking through some of the official suggestions and saw that dieing from old age was suggested. I had a thought on this and didn't really see any threads on it but I was thinking that it would really suck to put that much work into a character just to have it croak from old age and have to start over. what about having an heir system that would give something like bonus starting points or a bonus to a stat to a newly created character if one dies of old age. It would give people an incentive to play through a whole characters lifetime. The incentive could even be just some better tools at start or some starting armor.

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    It would be an interesting idea in my opinion if structured like this:

    - The system based on Genetics
    - The new character takes on the main traits of the dead one (i.e. Terraforming OLD 80 ---> 75 NEW)
    - One main skill cap is increased (i.e. Terraforming OLD CAP 100 ---> NEW CAP 105)
    - For the unused skills the system would work vice versa (i.e. Architecture OLD CAP 100 ---> NEW CAP 95)

    I could go on but I think you get the idea.

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    I think this would be a good idea, but maybe have the newly created person keep all of the recipes of the old character. It is effectively a father teaching his son everything that he knows. Would even be cool for at a certain age you have the option to create a new character and it begins as a child and follows you around like an NPC (but I know xsyon hates NPC's, so maybe just show up in your character creation page as a child next to your character. My first suggestion could be used in the way when teaching is enabled you could teach the child all of your recipes in preparation of you taking over. Also, another idea is when your character dies, his name dies with it.

    All of these ideas are faarrrr off because ONE real life year equals EIGHT xsyon years, so it will take many years before any of these options become available. The oldest you can start your character is 30yrs old, so if the average character lives to be 60 it will take almost 4 real life years to get to 60 if you started at 30.

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    what next.. marriages.. oh wait someone already suggested that dumb idea.

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    I think its a great idea! marriage, sex, children, old age, death, disease, etc. The cycle continues on into infinity. Imagine the recorded lineages of a tribe. Just like the ancients recited their lineages down to their great great great grandparents who spawned them. No game has ever done anything like this really so it might be difficult to test it out and see what people think.

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    Well there is already aging in the game, and if they just make it to where your age caps at say 50 (and they said that you take stat negatives), so then you would have to recreate your character to get rid of the negs. So I think we should be able to start over but with benefits.

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    waste of time and adds no benefit and only disgust to the game... Its simply a point of the game that would make people quit and be unhappy, totally anti-gaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by cackle View Post
    waste of time and adds no benefit and only disgust to the game... Its simply a point of the game that would make people quit and be unhappy, totally anti-gaming
    Yeah, but they already have stat negs for old age which WILL be in the game. The simplest form of heirs would be once you reach a certain age you click a button in a menu and it takes you back to the character selection screen where you can only change your age and aesthetics, but you keep all the same stats, skills, recipes, items, etc. That way nothing really changes except an optional name change looks, and age.

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