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Thread: Cherokee tribe

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    Post Paradise falls

    paradise falls tribe is recruiting. ever wanted a place to just be safe and learn the game till you feel the need to move on? look no farther than here.

    what we are looking for:
    loyal players
    players that want to be part of something not just another number in a large tribe
    people that love to build and craft but are not afraid to do a little pvp when the time comes or go looking for fights.
    no drama.

    what we offer.
    a safe place for you to grow and learn the game
    every member will have a say so in the decisions as a tribe
    a sharing community
    pvp if your into that
    very few rules its your game you play how you want
    the option to leave whenever with no hard feelings.

    dont think of this as a tribe think of it as a bunch of friends enjoying a game together. a collective of sorts

    any questions or have the desire to join please send me a pm here on the forums and i look forward to hearing from you.

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    still looking for members to make a possible band and see how it goes from there

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    i have decided that it will be a band if i can get enough people together by launch anyone interested send me a pm on forums please

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    I'm interested. One queston tho, what timezone is your Tribe in? I'm in CET myself (UTC+1/GMT+1)

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    still looking for a couple more good members

    Added after 20 Hours 37 minutes:

    please delete this thread tribe name has changed

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