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    Combat Mechanics Question

    Let me preface this by saying I've been playing now for just over 3 days. With that it seems to me in my brief time that there is possibly a bit of a problem with the combat system as it relates to "naked" combatants. Is there any significant disadvantage to dropping all of your gear and roaming around to take out other players that may not be dressed down to nothing?

    It seems that armor and weapons aren't enough to handily beat or deter a naked adversary. I know there are plans to augment/revamp the combat, but I'm just trying to determine if we will have to deal with bands of roaming naked combatants in the mean time.

    In your typical MMO (which of course this is not) if you're armored and carrying weapons you will have little trouble with unequipped/unarmored opponents. In this game armor seems to have lesser effect, and to some degree it should. However there probably should be something put in place to make people put something up when they decide to engage in a fight with someone.

    Thanks in advance to any replies.

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    A lot of these issues have been discussed, but I believe one of their highest priorities after launch will be addressing combat.

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