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    List of convenience issues that should be fixed

    -No log off to return to character screen. Only log off and game exit.

    -All text boxes and boxes for the UI currently have to be clicked on to move up and down. Make it so if you mouse over the box and scroll your mouse wheel, it will go up and down. The speed is kind of slow too.

    -When "moving" a building, often times the move features turns off by itself after only a few clicks. Then the player has to walk up and click "move" again for another few clicks. I don't know if this is a bug or not but it's really inconvenient.

    -Key bind changes don't take affect until a reboot of Xsyon, anyway to change that?

    -Would be nice if there was a 45 degree rotation for buildings as their is currently only 90 degrees which makes walls and other things not look as organized as they could. For example, walling off a tribe zone, some parts must go like this _| instead of like / (but 45 degrees) with a 45 degree snap rotation.

    Add more if you would like, i will be

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    45d wall sections are coming

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    Good to know. Any suggestions anyone?

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    Added some of them to the official list.

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