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    Guild & Tribes / City & Homestead

    Union : Union : >= 20 :
    Tribe : Tribe : >= 10 :
    Guild : House : < 10 :

    A House may join a Tribe, and retain it's name.
    A Tribe may join a Union and retain it's name.
    A Tribe/House within a Union/Tribe remains a Tribe/House.
    After "Organization" reaches said number it gives option to upgrade.

    Tribe : City : >= 10
    Clan : Village : >= 5
    Homestead : Estate : >= 1

    Players must choose to Join a Claim owned by "Organization" to increment it.
    Leader can use Options to allow additional placements.
    Amount of placements are determined by "Organization" size.
    Claims can grow in size, but do test for max size.
    Claims can overlap if within same organization.
    A player may only rule one Claim.

    Default Allocation:
    House: 1 , Tribe: 3 , Union: 6 , Additional: Totems = (size - sOrg ) / 5 + dOrg

    Feel free to comment! Also enjoy any creative suggestions about possible issues.
    FI: How will it add a tribe that has houses to a Union?

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    Afaik Guild was already planned to be a feature within a tribe, and alliances to come as well.

    +1 for effort

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    Thanks, was aiming at how I believe it should be implemented for it hasn't been stated.

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    start by reading the FAQs on these boards there is alot of info in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grass_Ninja View Post
    start by reading the FAQs on these boards there is alot of info in there
    Thanks for the suggestion, I've read everything already.

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