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    NPC tribe guards

    Not sure if this has been suggested before, apologies if it has.

    Just had a thought. This assumes that one day conquest is possible, or at least raids to steal gear from tribes villages, therefore some form of defense would be necessary. Stating the bleeding obvious, not everyone can be online all the time.

    The obvious answer is for NPC guards. But then, how do you determine how many of them a group gets?

    An option for NPC guards could be to make the number of them available be based on the number of members the tribe has that aren't logged in at that particular point. The guards wouldn't necessarily reflect the actual player with their stats and equipment, but a standard guard character that patrols the camp.

    A side benefit would be to add some realisim and life to the landscape to see NPC's wandering the towns rather than have a village be lifeless if no one is online.

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    Perhaps tameable animals guarding your tribes land.

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    Why not just allowing the player owned towns to secure themselves properly? AKA gates, bridges, and ingenuity? Balance the raid/conquest system properly and NPC's shouldnt be needed. I mean the defenders already have a potential fortress on their side...shouldnt the focus be on building it instead of throwing up any crap design and simply buying NPC protectorates?

    In the couple games ive played that had asset/town destruction, the NPC guards were very hard to balance and basically never really made an impact vs the ingenuity of a human being. It is kinda nice seeing real players everywhere and only animals as npc's. Not many games have that!

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    lol sb npc's always got owned..

    Btw there will be later on more city defenses salvadore. like gatehouses and stuff like that.

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    1: If this would be implemented the guards should be weak as crap

    2: If this would be implremented then ^ And they would serve a role more of giving life to villages rather than being effective guards.

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    Hire a guard PC to protect your city why a NPC that's no fun.

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    or if everyone wants to QQ have an EVE system in were u have to attk during the DEFENDERS pre set time :P that would be just as funny with out alot of extra coding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopibear View Post
    Btw there will be later on more city defenses salvadore. like gatehouses and stuff like that.
    Excited about this /\. Yeah that was the point I was trying to get at...a properly built city shouldnt have to rely on mindless npc's causing lag to "protect" its denizens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxout View Post
    Perhaps tameable animals guarding your tribes land.
    I was thinking this exact same thing as I read the OP's post. Dogs have been used for centuries as guards of your goods and early warning system. It would fit well into the mechanics if you ask me. Having NPC humans would cheapen the game for me. I'm stoked on the zero NPC status we have now.
    Of course you would have to tame some more dogs to replace the ones that get killed.

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    I kind of like the idea in some form or fashion (NPC humans, dogs, small rodents, ... gravy)

    But I would add there should be a cost. Both in the training and support. I could see a required mechanism that requires food (and perhaps the tribal currency) to be consumed at a given rate per guard. If it is not in the "merc box" they walk.

    I'm a big believer in cost/benefit ratio. It doesn't have to be realistic. It just has to be there. If you aren't going to guard/fortify yourself, then you should have to spend resources to support the NPCs. Either way you are going to be doing a lot of gathering/work to support it.

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