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    Player created Junk Piles?

    This idea may have been bounced around before, not sure. I did a search of the forum but couldn't find anything pertaining to this. Anyways here goes...

    How about, when a player discards an item from their inventory and they get the discard prompt, if they choose to discard the item they leave behind on the ground a small lootable junk pile that others may scavenge through.

    The player made junk pile may hold various materials that were used to make up the discarded item, or on an extremely rare chance, the intact discarded item.

    Tribes could set up communal junk piles for others to sift through in case they are not settled near an actual junk pile. The player made junk piles could be picked clean and disappear after a while. It seems like another thing that would add realism to the game and add another facet of player driven content. Just an idea, what do you all think... or has this been discussed before?

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    Think it would be better to recycle a item, giving some chance to return resources used in the creation of the item.
    Items ou get from recycle should go pack in the player pack as seen in many other games.

    Your idea of Making junk junk piles whit items and resources based on the discarded item sounds nice but I foresee huge coding nightmares since everything right now in the game is static Loot tables. you have to create a whole new db for each square that holds this new scrap, having to be able to alter + and - for every resource taken or given to the pile. the current junkyards are just plain % chance whit no input form the db itsefl but on this square is junk..on this square is no junk_sand.
    (not really need to build a whole new db but keeping the talk simple..)

    while recycle could be as simple as a 25%chance per recourse used to build the item pull out of the crafting db list.

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    actually this is one of the ideas hes throwing around in his head atm

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