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    Small grp looking for a few more casual players

    we are a small (2-4) grp of RL friends who are looking for a few more people to start a small grp the first few weeks.

    Our plan is to stake a small claim near some water and scrap near tallac.
    We will share tools and skills the first few weeks to make a full set of tools for everyone and gather supplies before we moveout of the scrap piles and up into the hills. We'd like to coordinate our starting characters to make sure we get everything necessary. We already have a toolcrafter and weaver, and thus still need a wood worker and a second toolcrafter wouldnt be a disaster. We will work with people though and make sure you are making the character you want.

    Any potential members are welcome to join us and then break off at anytime to go it alone. We will do our best to set you up with a full set of tools before you leave, along with a fair split of supplies.

    We are fairly casual and dont plan on doing any launch blitz or epic construction project, but we do plan on playing actively. If you are interested, post below and we can make in game contact (my name is eja in game) and get you setup in our private email list and on vent. We should obviously hookup before thursday.

    We are all very experienced MMO'rs, mostly coming from EVE.

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    ok I just bought game and am excited about playing but NOT excited about finding a large tribe and being forced into fast paced advancement like all other MMO's and being unable to enjoy myself..Your group sounds great and right up my ally..I dont have an in game name yet..Will be on US server and hopefully in game name will be either Trax or Traxxis..very interested in the casual play..I like having vent friends and still being able to advance at my own pace..

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    send me a private meassage through these forums with an email address and we will get you on the email thread. You will be #4 for certain and we have a possible fifth, so one more for sure and we will have enough to do a clan which is exactly what we want.

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