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Thread: Nomads of Xsyon

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    Nomads of Xsyon

    NOMADS OF XSYON ( A Neutral Tribe )

    The Nomad Creed

    Who are the Nomads of Xsyon?

    The Nomads of Xsyon are primarily a nature-loving, social role-playing tribe. We are true nomads, and as such, are a very mobile people just as interested with steady migration and exploration, as we are about settling down and nation building. That is not to say that we will not be settling down and making town building our priority. It simply means that as Nomads, we will periodically set out and engage in exploratory expeditions that will take us from campsite to campsite, following seasonably available wild plants and game. We will raise herds, and move them between the permanent spring, summer, autumn and winter pastures, in patterns that prevent the depletion of pastures beyond their ability to recover, and in our travels and explorations we will offer the skills of our “crafts and trade” to other settled tribes and populations in far off regions.

    It is important to note, however, that as a very flexible and an easily adjustable people capable of adapting and assimilating to any lifestyle, there will never be any restrictions placed on any NoX member should they decide to permanently settle down, engage primarily on hunting, animal breeding or exploration, or take part in any other personal project that they may wish to endeavor. Although we hope to maintain our share of hard-core members, NoX’s membership philosophy is also designed to benefit, and perfectly suited for the casual and solo player.

    Are there any requirements to becoming a Nomad of Xsyon?

    There are no special requirements and/or qualifications necessary to becoming a Nomad of Xsyon. For all intents and purposes, the NoX are designed to be a perfect introductory and social tribe for all new members of Xsyon, be they a hardcore, casual, or solo player. We aim to be very helpful to each other in all areas of the game, including providing introductory assets, helping with quests, and offering helpful starting tips. The primary tribe objective for NoX, besides fun RP and social interaction, is forming a viable support group for each other. No matter what individual or personal endeavors we partake in, we will always back each other up in times of strife, and be available for each other in time of need. Combat-wise, we are primarily a peaceful tribe that aims to get along with all tribes, be they good, neutral or evil. We will not, however, be bullied or tolerant of disrespect from any other tribe, and will respond accordingly to any aggression, even if the consequence is imminent defeat. The important thing is that the NoX will always band together through thick and thin. Ultimately, we are of the “All for one, and one for all” philosophy.

    What if, after some time in Xsyon, I decide that my interests are more in line with another tribe?

    If after some time, any member of NoX decides they want to leave and join another tribe, we will support the NoX member’s decision to do so. The Nomads of Xsyon do not frown upon, or hold any grudge or hard feelings against any member of NoX deciding to leave NoX and join another tribe whom they find whose interest fall more in line with their game play needs. On the contrary, we will accept and embrace the change as an asset to NoX, because the member’s roots with NoX could help to serve as an asset toward our future relations with the former NoX member‘s new tribe.

    What will be NoX’s main interests in Xsyon?

    * Architecture/Builders.
    * Animal taming/breeding.
    * Bartering.
    * Crafting.
    * Exploring/Adventuring.
    * Fishing
    * Gathering resources.
    * Hunting animals.
    * Questing.
    * Scavenging for scraps and rare objects.
    * Social RP interaction.

    Tribal Structure

    The Nomads of Xsyon follow no set class or rank structure. We are basically free-spirit wanderers and adventurers who are free to engage in any facet of living (game play) allowed by our “Nomad Creed” and the land of Xsyon. As nomads, we are confident that our hunters, breeders, gatherers, scavengers, crafters, and adventurers will naturally evolve in time to take their rightful place as the “experts“ and “masters” of their respective trades in the Xsyon community, and we will do so according to our natural strengths, abilities, and preferred play styles as individuals. As such, our tribe therefore finds it unnecessary to pigeon-hole, or categorize, any of our members into any type of tribe imposed trade responsibilities or tasks. We will simply “do whatever we like, however we like, whenever we like” and we will rise to the top by doing so.

    Method of Operation

    Although our tribal customs and lifestyle will be one that includes travel and exploration, we will nevertheless endeavor to always maintain a main nomad encampment where we will hold our Nomad Councils campfire meetings to discuss major tribal business and conduct our daily operations. This tribal encampment will also act as a permanent home base for our nomad crafters, traders, and breeders who chose to remain at “home,“ and it will house any crafting equipment, trading kiosks, or herding pens necessary to their respective trades. In our Nomadic explorations, we will live in temporary camps as we migrate throughout Xsyon . It is from these temporary camps that we will conduct our intermediary travels and expeditions as we set out on our adventures to explore the faraway corners of our vast land, the land of Xsyon.


    Since NoX is designed to be a heavy role-playing tribe where very little reference will be made to real life matters, text-based role play will be the default standard mode of communication. Text based communication will serve to enhance the effort to maintain a more immersive and escapist environment for our members, where they will be able to get away from real life matters and allow the limits of their imagination to dictate their evolving environs. Text based only communication will also serve to maintain a consistency with the casual-friendly, and all inclusive nature of NoX, in that it will allow for those members who would prefer to not use vent, be it due to handicap or privacy concerns, or general residence inconvenience, to participate in tribe activities without the worry of being excluded from day-to-day tribe events and activities. Lastly, from a role-play standpoint, text-based only communication is in perfect keeping with our "luddite" culture and consistent with our ancient nomadic lifestyle. In short, as a Nomad of Xsyon, you are living in Xsyon. Your existence outside of Xsyon is irrelevant, and for all intents and purposes, non-existent.

    Who are the leaders of NoX?

    NoX aims to assume a "leadership by committee" type rule. Meaning all decisions in NoX will be put to the membership and the majority vote will prevail. It is the understanding of NoX members that true and natural leaders are not self-appointed, but chosen. As such, it is assumed that members possessing inherent leadership qualities will emerge in time and assume specific leadership roles, such as exploratory expedition group leaders, hunting group leaders, and combat proficiency leaders. I, Ashanti, will serve as our Creed Guardian, safeguarding our Nomad Creed, maintaining those administrative functions and responsibilities necessary to ongoing day-to-day tribe management, and casting the final vote should there be an impasse on any measure brought to the vote of tribal membership. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the underlying philosophy and purpose that defines NoX in this document will, in fact, be written in stone and, as such, will never be up for vote or debate. People will join NoX based on the underlying philosophies and purposes as defined in this document, and it would not be fair to them if these core values where in any way compromised, or changed, after the tribe has been formed.

    Do we have a website?

    __________________________________________________ _____

    “State of the Nomad Nation”

    Although the Nomads are always open to “quality” members who espouse the edicts brought forth in our Nomad Creed, our tribe membership is over the minimum number required by Xsyon to enjoy tribe membership benefits as dictated by our land, the land of Xsyon. As such, we harbor no illusion of simply growing larger just for the sake of being “big“, and currently ascribe to inviting only *quality* tribe members to our tribe who share our common tribe ideals of unity, kindness and respect for each other, and who possess our tribe’s common goals of being “casual-friendly” free-spirit wanderers, who come and go as they please, are free to do as much or as little as they please, and do so whenever and however they please.

    This is not to say that we will not have our share of ambitious members who will seek to achieve, and take part in every benefit given to us by the land of Xsyon, because we certainly will, and I suspect as the game progresses our eventual achievements will surprise many. It simply means that unlike many other tribes, who will be focused, and indeed required, to contribute to nation building, land conquest, and PvP dominance, the Nomads set no such goals in stone, and as such, set no timetables or responsibilities to achieve any of the above mentioned.

    As we stand, we are currently a very tight knit group of like-minded tribe members, who enjoy RP , have common game-play styles, and respect and enjoy each other. It is important to note that although we are an "100% 24/7 RP Only" tribe, our RP terms are flexible and varied. That is to say that although we aim to completely role-play our lives while in-world, there is no particular level of RP experience required to be a Nomad, or to engage in our in-world role-playing once our Xsyon world launches. All that will be required of our members is that they simply conduct themselves, while in-game, as if they were actually living in the land of Xsyon. No RP experience or fancy RP texting will be necessary, unless of course, you are an advanced role-player and it is your preferred method of RP, in which case we will all learn from you. I expect that in time, as our members evolve in-world, our tribe’s RP experience will also evolve and we will find our own level of comfort as it pertains to tribe role playing.

    We are a tribe who aims to get along with all tribes, be they good, neutral or evil. We have no natural enemies (as of yet anyways ), and we are currently allied and have developed very good friendships with several tribes, a couple of which are already quite prominent in size, and of whom we expect to have long and beneficial relations.

    If you should have any questions regarding any aspect of NoX, or should you be interested in joining NoX, please post your questions or membership interests on this tread, or on our website. Thank you for your interest.

    Nomad Creed Guardian
    Nomads of Xsyon

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    Sounds like a pretty damn cool tribe!
    Best of luck with it all :cheer:

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    Thank you Cradlejoe

    I am not expecting a lot. It doesn't have to be a big tribe. Even a minimum amount of members would suffice so long as they are stress-free, casual-friendly, fun socially, and RP oriented.

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    I have yet to find a tribe to call my own, but this one sounds interesting. Work + school is keeping me busy at times, and I'd like a small tribe that understands that. RPing might be fun, too. So yeah, just wanna give my support And if it becomes more than an idea, I may hop on board when the game starts.

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    hi Nezabyte,

    Thats great! That makes 3 of us so far. If you are the creative type and would enjoy designing a logo, website, or anything along those lines for us let me know ok. Otherwise, I'll just search for a generic forum tool on the internet to get us started.

    Thanks again for expressing interest. It should be a lot of fun once we get going and start exploring

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    P.S - I'd just like to make it clear to any future members expressing interest. It is understood that any members who express interest reserve their right to change their mind later.

    This is just a thread for those of us with like-minded interest to express interest and share potential membership ideas.

    At worst, the worst that can come of this thread is new introductions and friendships before game launch.

    Exciting times are ahead :cheer:

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    If this tribe becomes a reality I'd be very interested in joining too.

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    This is like the more serious version of The Tribe Tribe. I like your prinicples and beliefs on guild structure. I have similar theories and presumptions of creating successful guild harmony.

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    Aww, thank you Lizzy,

    That makes four of us expressing interest so far.

    The "twinkle in our eyes" potential NoX members so far are;

    my knucklehead brother who can't decide on a name yet lol

    This is so exciting :cheer:

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    Re:New Tribe: Nomads of Xsyon

    Thank you TangerineSky.

    If NoX does become a reality, maybe we can form a productive alliance with The Tribe Tribe.

    NoX aims to be very resourceful in their gathering, hunting and scavenging. We will need tribes to sell our bountyful goods to and it would be an honor to do trade with a tribe of common interest like The Tribe Tribe.

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