So to fix the fall and slide down hill's thing having a rag doll system active and you just go tumbling limp to the ground and possible death.(all on how far you fall)

But not only for that when the PvP is being tweaked having it for Knock out's (Stuns) such as being hit over the head a few times with a club, Go rag doll to the ground for a moment and either be killed or if in the heat of battle forgotten and a new target is taken since your down and out.

But Rag Doll and a good reworking of the Physic system could really add to the game i think.
Thus cut down tree billy bob on the other side get's crushed Rag doll by the said tree and die's.

Could be used millions of times in Xsyon.

On the Physic's note i wonder if it will be possible for him to make log's roll, and gravity take effect on object's.

1.) Swing your weapon or Throw it at your enemy.

2.) Pick up rock's from the ground and throw them as well.

3.) Could be used in Disarming your enemy with a Quick pick up button where he will have to dodge or roll to his weapon and push say F to quickly pick it up and be back in the fight.

Just the ability to throw your Axe, Spear, Dagger at your enemy would be awesome (even more so if you could simply pull it back out of his body, same with arrow's to i guess.)