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    Hello, Dutch Newbie


    I'm a dutch newbie.
    I hope I can enjoy this game. I have played many mmo's maybe to many.
    In search of freedom. And I have high hopes for this game. It has alot of potential.
    Now I hope the community will be nice.
    And I hope some of you can guide me well.

    With friendly greetings Freakzorz

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    Hey always nice to see a fellow dutchman!
    Welcome to xsyon

    If u have any questions i am happy to answer them!
    Greets hopibear/sydney

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    Hello and welcome to the community

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    Welcome to the game!

    Yes there are some Dutch tribes around


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    Welcome to Xsyon mate. You can join us if you want, we're just a group of friends who're making one (from belgium).

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    Thanks all. Now I just have to choose a tribe huh.

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    Well Technically you don't have too, but it would probably help

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