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    Hidden "Treasure" - Burying Containers

    I apologize if this topic has already been raised. A quick glance at topics, I was not able to see it (some mention in the aggregate to "secret holes" in November)

    I think it would be useful to have the ability to "hide" bins and containers by burying them. With no outward marker it would be up to an individual to remember where they put the various containers, but would give them the benefit of having content off their "tribal" land that was potentially safe from squatting.

    Some concept rules:
    - No visual aid to where the bin is buried. Invisible to view.
    - Scavenging would show bin, and allow a player to access it.
    - No locks on the bin, open to anyone that finds it.
    - Decay, so they could be deleted, if not accessed after a certain amount of time.
    - Accessible even if within the radius of a totem (yours or other).

    The advantages I can see are:
    - Cannot be squatted (claimed via totem)
    - Good for quest type action.
    - Allows supply chains to be established or transfer of materials to other players.

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    Great Idea! i think that they should not be salvageable/scoutable by anyone outside your tribe if your in your tribal are UNLESS your tribe has been defeated and over run. but overall this is a great idea and I think it will add a new level of security and interesting mechanics or trading that will greatly better the atmosphere

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