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    Hunting and Trapping

    I was thinking about hunting and had the idea of trapping as well. I was thinking it would be cool to be able to toss some traps around and use the hunting skill as a chance to get an animal that can be skinned and butchered. the chance could be like the chance to scavenge something off a junk pile. a trap could give small animals like a fox or rabbit or even beavers but could only be checked so often and of course could be poached by passers by if its not on your land. I was also thinking of bigger animals that you could use bait for and draw them in. like putting a hunk of meat up a tree or in something so it draws bears and other carnivores. this could just boost the respawn of larger animals in the area. could be fun.

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    I like that idea.

    Though finding someone stepped on one of your traps and got their leg caught might not lead to the kind of trapping you were looking for. Still might be fun, however.

    Seriously though. Might add a whole new dynamic to the skill. I know I would rather do something like that, than going toe to toe with a bear and trying to punch it in the face until it fell over.

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