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    No safety land + expansion totems

    When more land opens up in the future, I think that land should be deemed no safety land.

    On this land and this land only, tribes will be able to place their 2nd totems (and 3rd and 4th etc). However, the materials required to build the 2nd totem must be very difficult to obtain. Then the materials for the 3rd totem even more difficult to obtain, as to not allow tribes to expand too rapidly.

    These new totems will cover an area amount equal to half of that of the capital city of the tribe. These expansion totems will have a very high amount of HEALTH, but unlike capital city totems, they will be allowed to be destroyed.

    When the totem is taken down to zero health, the land becomes "contested territory" and the totem returns to full health under the banner of the conquering tribe.

    However, this conquering tribe will not spawn at the contested totem upon death for the next 1 hour. Both tribes fighting over the "contested territory" shall re spawn at their capital city (the 1st totem placed, in safe zones, pre world expansion).

    This way, if a tribe is attacking land far away from their capital city, and the land they are attacking is very close to the capital city of those they are attacking, then they will likely not succeed in the invasion, unless highly skilled or out numbered. There tribesmen will spawn very far away from the contested totem and not be able to defend it.

    Before the expansion totem is destroyed however, the defending tribe will spawn back at the totem they were nearest to when they died, so not necessarily the capital city totem. However, their should be a re spawn timer of 20 seconds or so, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to take over a totem if the defenders kept spawning on it right after the attackers killed them.

    Thoughts on the idea? Any ideas to add to it?

    I should note this idea isn't entirely mine I heard of the concept from another forum member. Unfortunately, I do not remember who.

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