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    New Quahog Nuetral trading tribe LF 2 hunters+misc

    We're A Neutral Trading guild setup on the northern edge, our core has played together for 6 years now. We're looking to add a few more personnel to our ranks for specific roles.

    What we are
    We're neutral aligned, meaning we're not passive but are not the aggressor
    We're an all 18+ tribe with a majority of our membership in the 27-38 range
    We've had experience in multiple mmo and other competitive platforms including both sandbox and theme parks most at the highest level.
    we never zerg and always stress strength through skill and preparation.

    What we expect
    We expect whatever role it is that you are recruited for be it a ditch digger or combat personnel that you take it serious and optimize your role to the highest level. Both through min/max and practice of practical application. Constantly experimenting with what is better both for the situational and broader scheme of your area of expertise.
    We expect personal accountability, We've always found that the best players need little oversight and merely need a task and time to achieve it.
    Ask for help, the line between being reliable and self reliant vs a loner is a fine one.

    What you should be looking for out of us
    A rude, crude, non-malicious, raunchy good time.
    A defined purpose, we recruit for only a specific role and we expect to find a healthy mix of a single minded focus on that role and the larger needs of the Tribe.
    People who know who you are, we are not zerg and therefore we only recruit active members. A smaller community with people who know you, and you knowing them is a perceived strength in this game of anonymity. People being able to function in smaller units will be able to get more done than large hordes under the games current rule set, this is our goal and our preferred method of leadership.

    Our current openings
    Combat personnel-3 (will accept a group of up to four who have experience as a group)
    Hunters-2 (must be reliable productive and very independent)
    Pm me or contact Wang in game

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    still looking for a few more actives contact wang in game or pm me

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    updated! Need a person who will focus on basketry!

    Updated Added logger x1 Removed one terraformer x1

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    We have recruited players to fill some of our current holes. Updated op to reflect current needs.

    bumped for recruitment

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