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Thread: Sounds serious

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    Cool Sounds serious

    A little bit of tension here with two tribe leaders.

    Are we ready for this. lol


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    Content aside, I found the accents unnerving.
    Originally Posted by wolfmoonstrike:
    "...say chicken A is starting to mutate and seeds just don't work anymore and starts to eat animals. Chicken A then starts to mutate to become more predator like, sharp claws, more intelligent, and maybe even able to use individual feathers as darts (or just weapon)...
    Chicken B is faced with the same problem, mutating and seeds just aren't doing it anymore, but there are no animals around or even really veggies. So of all things it starts to eat rocks..."

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    I love the zerg it up attitude, real tough lol

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    Dont forget the big posting any video or audio without the persons concent...

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    I don't know if the Pandemic guy is really from that tribe, but the Hopi side is a fake one lol. Funny video otherwise, if you listen to it as a parody, heheh. I was laughing a lot for sure, lol.

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    Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet.

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    lol, I wouldn't take everything so serious. Its obviously not meant to be serious.

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    How can you not understand that it is a fake interview?

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    How can you all waste your time even listening to it, I can't even be bothered to click on it because my time is more than they can afford.
    Light travels faster than sound thats why most individuals seem bright until they open their mouths.

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    *slams head on desk*

    Can't. Believe. I fell for this.

    Better edit that OP and make it real clear that isn't a Hopi member doing the talking, or I get the feeling someone will feel the wrath of the ban hammer. And it won't be me!

    *flees this entire thread*

    Edited to add: And if that wasn't Furanku doing the interviewing, or for that matter, Pandemic, you might want to mention that bit, too.

    I will never get the time I spent listening to that back.

    *flees again, praying the ban hammer doesn't have an AoE radius*
    It seems I've singed a troll or two too many with my trusty flamethrower, and now hark! The ban hammer hovereth. Troll me more, and I'll see it falls on your head and not on mine, by the power of the report post button.

    On a side note, I'm sorta cranky, but I love you all anyway!

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