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Thread: Sounds serious

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    Cool Sounds serious

    A little bit of tension here with two tribe leaders.

    Are we ready for this. lol


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    Content aside, I found the accents unnerving.

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    I love the zerg it up attitude, real tough lol

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    Dont forget the big posting any video or audio without the persons concent...

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    I don't know if the Pandemic guy is really from that tribe, but the Hopi side is a fake one lol. Funny video otherwise, if you listen to it as a parody, heheh. I was laughing a lot for sure, lol.

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    Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet.

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    lol, I wouldn't take everything so serious. Its obviously not meant to be serious.

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    How can you not understand that it is a fake interview?

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    How can you all waste your time even listening to it, I can't even be bothered to click on it because my time is more than they can afford.

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    *slams head on desk*

    Can't. Believe. I fell for this.

    Better edit that OP and make it real clear that isn't a Hopi member doing the talking, or I get the feeling someone will feel the wrath of the ban hammer. And it won't be me!

    *flees this entire thread*

    Edited to add: And if that wasn't Furanku doing the interviewing, or for that matter, Pandemic, you might want to mention that bit, too.

    I will never get the time I spent listening to that back.

    *flees again, praying the ban hammer doesn't have an AoE radius*

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