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    Lore/RP based tribe Brethren of the Seals


    a few weeks ago I made a thread about the idea of a tribe that would be based off the lore of this new world. The basic idea was to model the tribe very loosely after a medieval monastery. You can read this thread here.

    It got off to a slow start (and that's a good thing in my book!), we refined the basic idea in some details, added a bit more flavour and changed the name of the tribe to better align with future developments in Xsyon. Most importantly, however, we decided to give it a go and to go ahead with more or less the original concept. Thus the Brethren of the Seals will be a part of Xsyon for the months to come.

    We are currently 5 players (with a few more having expressed interest in the tribe) and will setup camp in the mountains to the southwest of Sugarpine, about 10 minutes running from Sugarpine and the nearest scrap heap. Yes, we will be living without a scrap heap. At our current camp (and we intend to stay at that place for a while) we have natural resources, and during beta we managed to trade these natural resources to the townsfolk at Sugarpine in exchange for their goods like tools, weapons, clothing and armour. We will try to do the same after launch.

    We do not intend to ever grow into a large tribe, we do not intend to ever become powerful or wealthy. Our goal instead is to seek trust and respect from our fellow survivors. We will be neutral. We will never attack another survivor unless being attacked first.

    We will be gatherers, weavers, hunters, messengers, woodworkers, masons, scouts, fishers, farmers, foragers, travellers. We will know the lay of the lands and know how to live off it. We will know the natural resources and how to both use and preserve them.

    But we will be monks first.

    Being a monk is a state of mind more than everything else. A mind where you are at peace with your surroundings and fellow survivors, a mind where you have let go of shallow and superficial ambitions. A monk's strenght comes from within himself and it's the strength of his soul that counts.

    We can be trusted. We are the monks. We are the Brethren of the Seals.
    Interested players might want to read this post about requirements to join us.
    Interested players might want to read this post for a bit of flavour and atmosphere.

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    (spits the chew from his lip and moves his spear to his left hand)

    Brother Vito... I have recived word from a few new novices.

    I will have them speak with you.

    Thaddius La Croix

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    Maybe when we have our fighting pit set up, we will invite the Brethren of the seals to show us their combat skills with a staff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer0901 View Post
    Maybe when we have our fighting pit set up, we will invite the Brethren of the seals to show us their combat skills with a staff?
    "My young fellow survivor," the abbot said, "inviting someone is easy, every lunatic can do that. It doesn't take much thought or common sense."

    The abbot looked for a while to the starlit sky above the camp, contemplating the movement of the stars and then continued, "a good invitation is one that is likely to be followed, a bad invitation however is just a sheet of paper wasted for nothing."

    With that the abbot threw the invitation into the campfire and continued to look at the night sky, wondering about what can be learned from the movement of the countless tiny sparks in the sky high above the monastery.

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    {{ooc I have been contacted by several players with interest in our tribe. I want to point out we are not playing the monk aspect towards any one faith. Every player will be able to decide how to play that aspect.

    Our tribe has fleshed it out this way, we assimilated holy books, looking for universal principles rather than getting caught up in anyones' dogma. We are
    Rp-ing it out as though we are wading through the religious works trying to sort it out and balance it off the environment that the game takes place in.

    A long winded way to say we are playing the religious aspect of the monastery loose.}}

    Thaddius La Croix
    Elder Brother, Brethren of the Seals

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    I'll be seein' ya!

    At my centrally located Sugar Pine junk emporium, Green Technology, The Brethren were among my most honored guests, reliable trade partners, and hospitable hosts. It's folks like them that keep me from wanderin' far, an if you've got neighbors half as good, then count yourself lucky.

    {{A more dedicated group of relaxed yet mature role-players you are unlikely to find.
    I hope to see you all around!}}

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    Time for an update. The base concept for the Brethren of the Seals still stands, however during the last week there have been two changes.

    First, we are no longer at our old beta spot. Another tribe wanted to settle close to our old beta spot and we had no intention to have that tribe as close neighbours. Therefore the Brethren of the Seals went to their alternative spot. It's a bit to the south of the old place, and a bit closer to the lake, overlooking the lake. It's a splendid place. It's also one zone further south and thus we cannot be heard in zone chat in all of Sugarpine now.

    There we have settled and will found the "Monastery of the Twin Waterfalls".

    Second, when we put our totem down at our new place there was no junk pile anywhere in the vicinity. We had planned to try to live without junk. When we logged in however at our totem after the last patch there was a sizeable junk pile right at our back door. There's something good and something bad about that: the junk pile doesn't spoil our view on the lake and the waterfall (that's the good thing). The bad thing is that it makes little sense to run to Sugarpine and trade for junk when junk is that easily available just five meters from our lands. Thus we're a bit more self-sufficient than originally planned.

    We have some neighbours at our spot, not very close though, and that's another good thing. We try to get good relations with them and I believe most of the neighbours know by now that getting good relations with us means that they should not cut down the trees near our spot.

    We are accepting new members to the tribe. Please read this post if you're thinking about joining us. Thanks.

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    The first of seven Monastary is growing up quickly, the Brethren have fallen into their rolls and our first of the second generation novices is soon to take the vows.

    Thaddius la Croix

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