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    Small Suggestion for Shields

    We got parry and dodge but what about blocking with a shield?

    At first i was thinking, we dont have shields because we cant work metals yet but hey....
    Not all shields where made out of metal? Most where made out of wood.... Or even leather.

    Maybe we could have our tribe emblem on em?

    Not only would it fit but it would surely add more to combat and to crafting

    **Make shields decay faster as they take hits

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    Great idea...
    The Zulu had shields made out of leather that werent effective againts bullets but great for bows...I also feel shields should be added when range is part of the game.

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    very good idea. and dont forget traps! add these 2 things n would certainly be interesting outcomes!

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    Shields are good idea. They can be from all materials, even grass (grass plates) just like all other armor.

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    agreed, what you could do if say, the shield is on your left side, you use your left mouse button to put your shield out, you would be invulnerable to the front but your sides and rear are exposed, also, your slowed massively if your shield is out.

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