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Thread: Hello from GA

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    Hello from GA

    Hello from GA. I have been looking for a game like this for a while and tried a bunch out. I like how this game looks and can not wait to get in to play. So I will see you in game and will be looking for a tribe.

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    come by and check us out just a small group of people trying to hep each other in the world of xsyon

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    As a former GA resident, let me say... Howdy!

    If you’re interested in casual RP and want to learn the game minus the drama check us out. We are not PVE or PVP centric. We are laid-back and the focus is to have fun and learn.


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    odd lag made a double post...

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    welcome and enjoy your stay

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    GA also, if you mean USA

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    Welcome to the community

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