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    Crafts + service to start an economy of sorts?

    what if every profession had a service provided with it? say a toolcrafter can repair tools (depending on his lvl would be the quality repair, and lets say a maxed out tool crafter could get the dura to like 110% or perhaps the tailor can change the style of someones outfit with dies and diferent variations of cloth within each teir or set of the styles of gear (this would bring alot more specialization to chars via clothing design and give the crafter more to do then grind out items to try to sell for other stuff I think it would make all (most maybe) of the crafts a great deal more valuable and more enjoyable to try to master than just trying to race to get the best recipes and then farm the hell out of them to flood the market with.. everyone will want repairs when their shiny preorder axe is degrading, everyone will want to get their clothes died and maybe add a different texture or color cloth to their vest or pants (not to mention fixing any tears and damage). Weaponcrafters could sharpen weapons and repair them , architecture could repair structures and perhaps install additions to pre existing dwellings (i.e. you have a homestead but you don't have much in arch, you could seek out a higly trained archi skill and a big selection of modifcations and he could do that for you (for a price, plus working out materials) and get a small service fee)... In other words I think it would be a very interesting dynamic to have each profession being able to create and interact with the world and at the same time provide a service to fill a need in the market that would otherwise be filled by grinding the same items over and over because they keep breaking or getting bored with the same old hut or tent .. I think you guys get my drift, what do ya'll think?

    edit - maybe masonry could do repairs on structures

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    I like some of the ideas you have, but there is a suggestions board for a reason

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