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    Friends of a tribe, questions?

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but I thought I heard rumblings of this somewhere.

    Are there going to be mechanics that allow friendly guilds and or friendly players to a guild that will allow them to interect with a city that has them as a friend?????

    Same questions now just apply that to combat, will there be mechanics that allow for in city combat for the guild and friendly players?

    I know we have some ideas on some buidlings we would like to build that involve combat and I'm very curious about this.



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    it will be done as allies.

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    I really hope they implement advanced controls for allies and permissions, with in-game mechanics that allow for sub-clans, un-tribed allies, and other situations that are common across MMOs, but which rarely see any support from in-game mechanics. It's particularly important in a game like this, with so many solo players who will be relying on trade with other players and tribes.

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