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    Smile Hello.

    SoCal-ian sandbox lover nut here.
    Been reading about Xsyon for awhile now, and everything I read about it were, for the most part, very positive. Watched some videos and finally decided to give it a try. The game looks great and I'm looking forward to playing.

    However, I don't know anyone that plays this game and I am unsure just how solo friendly this game is. I read the forums a little bit and read that someone kept getting ganked when they just started playing. Is this a common thing?
    Also, are other people able to destroy things you create? Like with terraforming?

    When I start playing, what is the first thing I should do? Is there something important I should do?

    One last question... Pre-order items. This might be a silly question, but, I want an axe. Which one is the "better" axe? Massacre or Pillager? Could both of them be used for cutting down trees AND PvP? Or is one for PvP and the other as a tool?
    Anyone have recommendations? xD

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    Hey love,

    Welcome to Xyson, never tried chopping down a tree with Massacre or Pillarger if you start with axes you usually get anther one and I always used that. And I think both axes are probably the same damage wise they just look different.

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    Hey love, welcome to the community. no one can destroy your terraforming while its on your land cya ingame

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