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    The myth of mystic mantoe...

    Now listen to my tale 'bout a man named 'toe,
    Poor mountaineer, always wandern' to and fro.

    Then one day, while scoutin' out some loot,
    Ate them magic shroomies, that godly, fleshy, fruit!

    Food of the Gods, that is...

    After old mantoe came a stumblin' out the fog,
    People askin, "Ole Toe! How'd you get out that there bog?"

    He'd just look at 'em up 'n' down 'n' say...
    "I'm tripping off my balls now, so get the f**k away!"

    Trails and pretty lights...

    Y'all stay off my land now, y'hear!?

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    This is a very profane poem. I came to this forum to find roleplaying stories and I found this garbage... You should be ashamed of yourself. The first result for "mantoe" yields this result:

    Not only that but the "godly, fleshy, fruit!". That is disgusting that you would refer to sexual acts on this forum. This must be some weak attempt at trolling. I hope you arent representative of the roleplaying community in this game or I may have to cancel early...

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