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    LFT - Aussie player seeks N or G Tribe

    I've recently pre-ordered the game and am looking for a fun, helpful Tribe.

    My main focus is working towards building or developing a society, PvP doesn't really interest me.

    Outside of that I'm in my late 30's, reside in Melbourne Australia, and if you cross me ... I will steal all your women with my accent.

    I don't mind (and probably expect) not to see too many people online, but give me a job and I will see it completed. I've played around 40 odd mmorpgs, ranging from full on PvP - EvE, WW2Online, Planetside through to non combat such as A Tale in the Desert. I'm hoping that Xsyon will fit happily between those extreams.

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    Hi mmogaddict!

    we are a combat/crafting tribe with the intent of being a neutral/good tribe as often as possible, however don't let the combat part fool you - we have done everything we can to make combat and crafting oreinted players feel welcome in our tribe.

    if you are interested in crafting and city building there is going to be plenty of that going on, you can check out our screenshots from our recruitment page during beta and teh city we are going to build next will be even more epic than the first one.

    Vent details are also posted, so feel free to jump on vent if you have any questions.

    hope to cya around!

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    Check out Hopi if you like, we are a big, good aligned tribe with mature players, very helpful and friendly community. We have some members from Australia (not many though).

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    PM sent

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    Deathwatch - Neutral Trading Outpost / Mercenaries

    Very active, very big plans
    You'd be our 3rd aussie!
    About 45 members, EU (mainly UK) and US mixed (about 10-15 Americans). Average age about 28+

    Here you go: We are mainly EU TZ (that said it doesnt mean we aint looking for other TZ, game doesnt stop just because some go to bed).
    We are a established community looking for new members.
    We are trying to establish a neutral trading outpost, at the same time we'll act as mercenaries.

    We Live next to a river and behind a mountain quite abit away from the central areas so its very viable to live of the land at our location
    Images can be found on our website in the forum

    The Mercenary role is something we've taken on in every game we've played so far, with more and less success depending on game mechanics but its something we know and live by.

    The Trade Outpost is to establish a neutral trade area for everyones benefit, and this is something we will control with the help of our mercs.

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    PM sent, not a copy/pasted one either =)

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    @shaggy no need to tell every new guy that you dont do copy/paste..

    Pandemic tribe is still looking for members!

    We are a tribe that stick out for eachother in good and bad times.
    We have experienced pvp'ers and crafters from the beta that can help people with any questions or aid.
    We are a stable vibrant tribe with around 25-30 members.
    We use teamspeak 3 comms.
    And RL comes always first!

    If your interested and curious check our website or recruitment thread.
    If you have the time you can also pop into our teamspeak and chat around for a bit!

    Goodluck with your choice and have fun playing Xsyon.

    Recruitment thread xsyon:
    Pandemic tribe website :
    teamspeak 3: port:9987

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    If you are looking for a tribe my guild Forsaken was the only "Non-tiny" guild in Mortal Online to successfully maintain its neutral status even in the face of countless wars. We even owned like 1/6th of the map. We were at the top of our game in Mortal Online and I expect us to do the same in Xsyon. We are in a pretty remote location, with great resources and only a few neighbors (which are friendly and we have trade relations with them already). Every tribe needs to have their scholars and their warriors to defend themselves. Our mission is to never be the aggressor, we maintained this ideal in Mortal Online only using combat to defend ourselves in times of conflict and I believe we can do it in our time with Xsyon. We have had quite a few people in Mortal Online interested in RP and Lore, and we have set up RP events in the past on MO. If you have no interest in RP then don't worry, a lot of our members do not. Real life comes first as well, if you can't be on to defend against the super evil PvP group because you have to take the kids to karate practice. No big deal.

    1. We are Neutral, we are never the aggressor but we do defend ourselves.
    2. We were the only Large Neutral tribe in MO to successfully hold our neutrality, and we had Neutrality and trading pacts with almost every guild in the game.
    3. We have very active and helpful members
    4. We are in a great location with great neighbors.
    5. We had RP in MO if that's what your into.
    6. Real Life comes first, you won't be criticized for missing events.

    If you are looking for a tribe and we match your ideas check us out, we are happy to welcome any newcomers into our ranks.
    You can check us out here for our forum post:
    And here for our forums:

    If you want to join or have questions, PM me on the Xyson forums or our Guild forums and we should respond decently fast. If you do decide to join, go to and make an account, and then post in the application forums, state that you are joining the Xsyon division of Forsaken. From there when I or someone else gets on we will get you the vent info and the xsyon forum password and whatnot. Then we will meet up in-game.

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    Well, if you're looking for other aussies, Harlequin is the only Oceanic-only tribe in Xsyon currently, and the biggest MMO clan in aus. If you want a US guild for their timezone instead, i recommend the post above as we deal with Forsaken alot and they're a great bunch of guys.

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    if your aussie, harlequins youe only option if you actually want people to play with whilst your likely to be active

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