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    March Madness Event - PVP - March 20th 2011

    Hello all,

    On behalf of the Tusken Fort Tribe, I would like to invite you to the first PVP event hosted by Tusken Fort. The event will be held inside a coliseum as you have seen in the movie gladiator or even first hand in Rome, Italy. The Coliseum had been already built before the wipe, so we understand the design we would like to choose. It will be built again after final wipe.

    This is a good opportunity for tribes to show their best in a bracket style tournament and even collect prizes along with respect. Also, a trading/barter session will be held 1 hour prior to each event. So come on out and make sure you sign up.

    Please read below for more information.

    March madness
    - Siloras
    - Joren
    - Raykin

    - Fighters must sign up the night prior to Tournament.
    - Fighter will be disqualified if he/she steps out of ring after fight has begun. Winner will move on to next round.
    - Fighters will stand on opposite side of arena before the fight begins. Announcer will begin fight through chat.
    - If fighter does not show up at the start of the fight, he/she will be disqualified and replaced with a backup.
    - Brackets will be based on number of participants. Brackets will be posted 1 hour prior to event start on local forums under events. The bracket will be single elimination.
    - Every tribe can seed one person from their tribe and only one. You may submit backups, but please prioritize your submittals.
    - No naked personal. All fighters must wear armor.
    - Once a fighter has died, No one will loot his/her corpse or will die on sight and be eliminated/banned from the arena.


    Cost to enter:
    - Will be announced at a later date.
    - Sunday March 20th 6:00 P.M CST
    - Under review of committee, will be announced at a later date.

    Sign up Form:
    Please fill out this form and send it to Siloras on Tusken Fort Forums. Do not post this anywhere! Send it through mail on forums.
    Tusken Forums:

    Champion Information
    Weapon(s) of Choice:
    Armor Choice:

    Tribe Information
    Tribe Size:
    Tribe Zone:

    Player Information
    Time zone:
    Which date is more convenient? Sat. 3/19 or Sun. 3/20?

    - Sign ups close 24 hours prior to event start -

    Any information given is going to be used strictly for seeding and setting up tournament brackets and will NOT be given out or shared with anyone not on the tournament committee. Even though we ask for time zones and convenient dates we realize we will not be able to accommodate everyone, but we will try to tailor the time/date so that a majority of entrants will be able to participate.

    Contact us:
    Please send any committee member a whisper in game or mail through forums for further questions.

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    Looking forward to our great tribe hosting this.

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    Xsyon Citizen Zarin's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Excited to be there, will probably be good fun!

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    ahhhhhh i'm excited too Zarin. Even though I seen you posted in global before. We decided you're my rival just because are names our similar

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    I applaud an initiative that aims to give meaning to PvP and to promote it in the community with a sense of purpose to back it up, instead of all the New player ganking and random naked punshing some of us have been observing.

    If Im able I will be present at this event, tough I probably wont compete.

    Again, two thumbs up for this initiative and I wish you the best success.


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    We just posted the event on the Hopi forums. We have a few people who plan on attending and competing. Thanks for organizing.

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    Joren of Tusken Fortess here.

    Currently we are allowing all entries so contact Siloras, Raykin, or me in game or on our forums.

    Also, we realize that with the current combat system every person has a "punchers chance" (pun intended) to win fights so we are planning to seed tribes based on size so we can set up some upset specials. To incentivize people to travel the distance and watch the gladiator tournament, like siloras mentioned we will be having a swap meet before and after the event. So even if you don't care about PvP feel free to come and trade wares so you can get those hard to find tools/materials you need to give your tribe/clan/band/homestead/split personality a head start. We hope to make it worthwhile for everyone interested to participate and we hope that this will be the first of many fun events in the Xsyon Community.

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    Very nice. I'm glad people are hosting events!

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    Xsyon Citizen Zarin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjkunatz View Post
    ahhhhhh i'm excited too Zarin. Even though I seen you posted in global before. We decided you're my rival just because are names our similar
    Haha, I'll be sure to add you to my foe list.

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    Still need more fighters. please send your app to me via message on forums. Thanks.

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