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    EST. Dynamic Duo LFT!

    My neighbor and I stumbled upon this game a couple weeks ago and were immediately drawn in by its UO feel and immense potential. In the brief time we got to play we got a good feel for the game and are ready for launch.

    We are now actively seeking a med - lrg tribe to join and contribute to. We both
    play from the east coast of the US. Our normal playtimes are weekday evenings between 3p-11p EST.

    We are not really concerned about tribal alignment, but I will say that I do enjoy participating in PvP even if both sides don't consent. =D

    Please send any recruitment posts to PM.


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    Fist Through Screen (FTS) is a evenly balanced, PvP/crafting guild with a strong lean to PvP. We are very laid back, U.S / international multi-gaming guild; some of us have been playing together for years. We accept all types of players from all parts of the world. Currently, we have players from the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and all US time zones. All of our players are adults here, and we communicate as such. Swearing, and or "talking trash", to each other is not out of the norm; we are all friends. Most anything goes in vent, to an extent. A sense of humor and the ability to drink a few cold brewskis are the only prerequisites

    As far as our "gaming style" we play to win by whatever means necessary; absolutely no cheating. We are not a "Zerg" guild who wants 300 members just to have numbers. We are a small, tight knit community who really enjoy gaming together. In many games, we are part of the Rogue Legion Alliance, with Divided Allegiance, a friend of FTS from other games.

    We are a democratic guild. There will be no "one" person that will tell you what to do or how to play. Remember though, we are an ADULT Guild. All in all, we are just a group of guys who have played together for a long time, and are looking forward to more members who enjoy camaraderie, British comedians, and destroying our enemies!

    We are looking for anyone who wants to be part of a team, whose goals are to become a major Guild/team/player in the many games that we play. We are recruiting future long time gaming buddies for current and future games. We are looking for a variety of play styles; from the newest member who has never played MMOs, to the grizzled veteran who has been playing since Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were friends. We need worker bees and those with the knowledge and experience to lead FTS to glory in current and future games!

    We have a working vent and our only major requirement is that you use it. We do have some soft spoken types and more are welcome. We just need to be able to communicate in case of emergency, plus, as an added bonus, many friendships are built via vent.

    Join the small FTS family from the beginning. It'll be a decision you wont regret!

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