I have named the tribe TREE as it was my concern for the trees in Xsyon that led me to decide to start a tribe. How easy is it to lop down one of those enormous trees? Then the land is bare. (if you can think of a good meaning for T.R.E.E. then naming rights are yours..lol)

our aim would be to survive and prosper, while living in harmony with nature.
Our tribe would be 'good' aiming to live without violence, and respecting the freewill of others.
PvP'ers are welcome as i'm sure there will be plenty of 'evil' people to protect ourselves from.

Minimal terraforming and tree lopping would be allowed in tribe lands. only modifications necessary to ensure player advancement would be made to tribe lands.
Trees in the tribal area are not to be cut down without consultation with all the tribe members.
A circular clearing will be made to function as a meeting place, and an attempt will be made to ensure all necessary structures blend in with the environment.
Personal shelters, tents, fires and the like can be placed anywhere by all members.
RP is encouraged but by not expected, our focus as a tribe will remain, living in harmony and balance with nature.

There will be no hierarchy. All major decisions will be taken by informal or formal majority vote.
Every member speaks for the tribe, and every tribal decision must be made in regard to maintaining the tribes balance with nature, and respecting the freewill of others.

Obviously the tribe will be non aggressive, and tribal communications will be limited to this forum, and in-game. Unless one of the members wanted to establish a site/forum of course.
Alliances would be discouraged unless it comes to a 'final battle' type scenario.
Members of the tribe are free to help manage the tribe in whatever role they feel comfortable with.

My partner and I Live in QLD Australia (+10 GMT) and are generally on-line from 4pm to 10pm. (10pm to 4am PST.)

If you have any interest in pursuing this idea with us, please leave a comment below or send me a personal message,

Thank you, Rhitca.