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    Error: Incorrect Username?

    Just got this error when I tried to log back on after crash. And it's the correct username and password.

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    Yeah, that seems to happen when the servers go funky. Happened before for everyone.

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    same here

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Mar 2011
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    Yeah this is the problem that I got too... Just wait it out and see what happens. There's no reason to really worry about it, just server problems I'm sure.

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    Got the same error here!

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Feb 2011
    This has happened before when it seems like the server is completely offline. It's like it doesn't have any information to compare it to.

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    i think i got banned for stating i will macro fishing until tomorrow

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    Oh good, I thought I was going to have to hunt down a hacker and kill it.

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