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    Lightbulb Sylvan Tribe <formerly Green Technology>

    Benson, formerly of Sugar Pine's Green Technology now brings you

    Sylvan Tribe

    A coalition of nature lovers who are interested in pursuing an idyllic balance with the forest, and the land.
    We aim to live with the land, instead of just on, or off of it.

    Aside from its healthy respect for Mother Nature, my vision for the Sylvan Tribe is fairly simple;
    a neutral/good organization (depending on how the alignment system ends up)
    whose members act with reciprocity in mind-
    meaning that we let trouble come to us (PvP for equivalent retribution or defense).

    Sylvan will be an open forum for ideas, especially in the beginning, without strict guidelines or ruler-ship, and I would be honored to consider applications from all types of people provided there is a certain level of maturity maintained in all dealings as a Representative of the tribe.
    "Maturity" in this instance mostly refers to intent; specific words and actions are not prohibited, but the intent to be annoying, deceptive and/or malicious is not what I'm interested in for this tribe.
    In 'plain English' that means:

    1. no "griefing"
    -you can, jump around, swear, and make jokes all you want, as long as you are not intentionally hurting or annoying other individuals without their consent

    2. no "smacktalk"
    -if you must have words with someone you are in conflict with, try to keep it relatively friendly and drama-free

    3. no "exploiting"
    -this is taken on a case-by-case basis, but the theory is that the 'power-gamer', 'min-maxer' school of thought is strongly discouraged,
    with the opposite school of thought "role-play" encouraged, but not mandatory.

    I hope my excellent neighbors from the last couple weeks will still be around to make the Sugar Pine area a wonderful community once again.

    I've set up the totem in the mountains, and yes, we have a junk pile.
    Probably about a zone's distance away from my old beta homestead if any of you remember where that was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosegg View Post
    ... I do have a few spots picked out for the tribe, and I hope my excellent neighbors from the last couple weeks will still be around to make the Sugar Pine area a wonderful community once again.
    The monks from the Brethren of the Seals wish you luck with your new tribe, Benson. We will be around Sugarpine.

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    some pics

    Concept art after a bit of quick browsing in google images.


    More to be seen here:

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    Look me up. Still on my little piece of land by the river.


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    latest news

    Confirmed that you can NOT gather resources from someone elses' territory. (aside from forage/scavenge/water)

    The most important revelation about this I can think of is that access to scrap junk just got a bit more tricky.

    Also, as far as the tribe goes, we're up to at least 15-17 people,
    so as soon as we gather and all join we'll be pulling down our totems and dropping one big one.

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